Team Makkula’s end result in 2014 Sidecar World Championship was seventh with scoring 78. Although the end result was the same as in the previous season some of the goals for the season came true. Team Makkula achieved two podium places in Croatia: second and third.

Possibility to improve end placing was valid until the last event in France Le Mans. There the team crashed and overturned their machine in qualifying session. The accident dashed the race start and also better placing. In the races during the World Championship season Team Makkula had luck and bad luck, a lot of technical problems, suffering damages of own and others mistakes.

Short summary of the season 2014

Season started in Spain Aragon with bad luck. Team Makkula suffered consequences caused from mistakes made by other team. The placing was ninth and score 7.

Second race in Great-Britain led to retire in the middle of the competition due to the technical problems.      The next race in Croatia was successful in spite of challenges with tyres and poor starts in the competition. In the 10 lap race Team Makkula was third after a hard fight. In the second race, 18 laps, placing improved and the team finished second. Two podium places were achieved in Croatia.

In the Netherlands Assen on the last lap Team Makkula was to retire from the race because the competitor pushed team out from the lane. As an outcome was stoppage instead of fourth or fifth place.

Placing in the next race Sachsenring Germany was eight.

In August the second race in the Netherlands Assen Team Makkula had huge electrical and fuel problems. Placing in the race was eight.

In Germany Oschersleben 12 lap race Team Makkula ended sixth place. The team had luck to get finished as they had gearbox problems. In 21 lap race the team placing was seventh.

The season ended in France Le Mans with bad luck. In qualifying session the team crashed and overturned the machine with passenger sustaining a broken arm.

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